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Lizi’s folk dance group is performing in a competition today.

More pics and video to follow!


We have big windows in our living room and birds love to crash into them. Case in point, this little guy came for an unexpected visit. He’s flown off now that the shock has worn off. Cute little thing and a sort of cool opportunity for the kids to see a young bird a briefly nurse back to health.

Liza & Levi just attended a one week long traditional Hungarian Folk Dance Camp in Gyor.  Here are the highlights of their final performance.


A few quick picks from the kid’s Folk Dance Camp in Gyor.  Video soon to follow!

From my grill and around the yard. Thanks Lord for a fine grand finale on this Pentecost Sunday!

Summer must be coming…

…and we didn’t have to climb the neighbor’s fence

Fun with Playmobil.  (Look at the image caption if you don’t get it!)

Liza’s Easter Card, 2012.

Levi’s Easter Card, 2012