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We have big windows in our living room and birds love to crash into them. Case in point, this little guy came for an unexpected visit. He’s flown off now that the shock has worn off. Cute little thing and a sort of cool opportunity for the kids to see a young bird a briefly nurse back to health.


If you live here, have lived here, or lived where you see a lot of tourists massing with the arrival of the warmer months, you will probably like this!

This is a sample post from our new City Park Kiosk on Posterous (this one is about shopping for flour).

For all those international’s living in Budapest, or those who are trying to get a better idea of what we are actually up to in Budapest, here is our newest shared social site where we are tying to keep each other up to date on things we want to do in the city or other nuggets of wisdom we have for each other!

After long hours digging, a few days of planning, I finally finished my fire pit!