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3rd Home on the Web

If you live here, have lived here, or lived where you see a lot of tourists massing with the arrival of the warmer months, you will probably like this!


This is a sample post from our new City Park Kiosk on Posterous (this one is about shopping for flour).

For all those international’s living in Budapest, or those who are trying to get a better idea of what we are actually up to in Budapest, here is our newest shared social site where we are tying to keep each other up to date on things we want to do in the city or other nuggets of wisdom we have for each other!

One of the two people I came into the city today to meet.


This was my destination today, the University Chaplain’s space. This is where we’ve been having our Lent Soup Suppers and Bible Class. This is also Whee most of our Holy Week activities will be held in conjunction with the Lutheran Student’s group. But more on that later.


Now that I’m here I usually catch the 4 or 6 tram at Margit Bridge. It is the biggest, nicest and among the fastest forms of city transport.

From here I either walk or transfer to some other kind of transport depending on where I’m going. Today it is a straight shot to my destination.


Part 1 takes about 15-20 minutes depending on my mood and the weather.

Part 2 takes about 35 minutes on the Hev. This is a great little train like thing with heated seats in the winter. I’ve been told it is East German tech, and I believe it. That said, it is perfectly functional.

Usually I read or review notes in transit. Today I thought I’d spend a bit of time writing this post on my phone.


Since we live in an outlying bedroom community of Budapest I often take public transport into the city. It is a multistage trip that begins with a 1km walk.