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During a trip December 1st through December 19th the NALC Mission Director Gemechis Buba will be setting out to visit with, pray with the people of Ethiopia that were impacted by terrorist attacks that occurred in the spring of 2011. Rev Buba will be sharing his time and God’s Word with evangelists and congregations teaching and whitnessing to the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

On this mission trip Rev. Buba will also be carrying with him a duffle bag full of dresses that were sewn by the members of Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Abington, PA. These dresses, crafted from pillow cases, will be delivered to one of the many orphanages throughout Ethiopia that care for little girls in need.

You will be able to support this mission locally through 19 Days of Prayer. The NALC is coordinating with local congregations to lift Rev Buba, and the people of Africa up in prayer. Each day during the trip NALC congregations will be called to participate in an time of intentional prayer. The focus will be one of security, hope, and infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for saying yes to praying for Gemechis as he travels to Ethiopia. He will be gone from November 29th to December 20th. During his time he will be traveling to teach and preach at a conference tour on the Western Border, visiting congregations burned out this spring/summer, doing two conferences in Addis Ababa (the capital), and meeting with leadership of the EECMY. Please pray for the Spirit to use him as he teaches and preaches, for safety and protection as he and the party travels, for wisdom during the meetings with EECMY, and for his family while he is away.

Below is prayer team schedule and a brief description of what is scheduled on that day.

Thank you for praying on your assigned day and during the entire trip.
November 29 Travel
November 30 Travel Christ LC, NY
December 1 Ethio-Sudan border/Western Ethiopia Pastor’s Conference Holy Trinity, PA
December 2 Ethio-Sudan border/Western Ethiopia Pastor’s Conference Trinity, NC
December 3 Gulliso- Pastor’s Conference St. Lukes, CO
December 4 Chaliya- Pastor’s Conference Trinity, OH
December 5 Aira- Pastor’s Conference Christ the King, GA
December 6 (Burned) Congregation Site Visits Peace, OK
December 7 (Burned) Congregation Site Visits UALC Women, OH
December 8 Travel Day Living Water, OH
December 9 EECMY St. John’s OH
December 10 EECMY Oasis, FL
December 11 Mekane Yesus Theo and Leadership Conference Genesis, OH
December 12 Mekane Yesus Theo and Leadership Conference San Pedro, FL
December 13 Mekane Yesus Theo and Leadership Conference Shepherd of the Lakes, WI
December 14 Day of Rest UALC Women, OH
December 15 EECMY April prep meetings
December 16 EECMY April prep meetings
December 17 Addis Abab Congregation Leaders Conference St. Marks, WA
December 18 Addis Abab Congregation Leaders Conference Calvary, WI
December 19 Travel
December 20 Travel


Flooding in Thailand

October 11, 2011 — 2 Comments

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze (Isaiah 43:1-3).


Dear friends and family,

We very much appreciate each of you and thank God that you’re in our lives. Your prayer support, financial assistance, encouragement and love are real blessings to us. Today we have a special prayer request for you.

Maybe you’ve heard about the flooding that’s been happening in Thailand during the past weeks. It’s the worst flooding that Thailand has experienced in more than 50 years. At least 60 of the 77 provinces have been significantly impacted by flooding during the past two months. Nearly 300 people have been killed and 8.2 million more have been affected. The flooding is already causing a big problem for the Thai economy.

The flood waters have been moving steadily from the northern provinces toward Bangkok. Just 40 miles north of here some areas have had water nearly 10 feet deep. A few hours ago we received reports that flood waters are less than 25 miles from us. Within the next few days flooding is expected to reach our part of Bangkok. Our home, the Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation office, Concordia Into Light Lutheran Church, the Into Light Center where our English outreach program is held (and where our two long term volunteers, Robin McCoy and David Pfeifer live) and Boom’s Lutheran Hour Ministries building are all located in this area.

As a precaution, we’re trying to move furniture, equipment and supplies from the first floor to the second floor of each building. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to move some items, like refrigerators, washers and dryers and large furniture pieces…not to mention cars.

Please pray for the large number of Thai people who are suffering because of these floods. Many have lost their jobs and their homes. Also, please pray for God’s grace, protection and provision for all of us here during the next two weeks. Thanks. As soon as possible, we’ll send you an update.

God bless you,

Boom and Dennis

Dear friend of Tartu Academy of Theology,

October 1st (this Saturday) are students, alumnus, lecturers, workers and friends of Tartu Academy of Theology organizing 24 hour prayer chain. We are calling you to join with us in prayer even for some moment on this day. So we can create powerful prayer bridge between different countries and continents.

The prayer list:
1. Praise the Lord He has carried TAT through difficulties already over 19 years and He has blessed us as we have 85 alumnus who are having good impact in our small society (1,4 million inhabitants).
2. Pray for good result from the accreditation process held during October 2011.
2. Pray for our financial needs we could have enough resources for stable financing today and for development in the future.
3. Pray for our workers they would be encouraged and blessed by God to the work at the TAT.
4. Pray for our students they would study in faith and with open heart to be good workers for God’s kingdom.
6. Pray for enrollment of new students into TAT.
7. Pray for Estonia and for people here.
In Jesus name,

Siimon Haamer
Vice President for Academic Affairs