Tartu Academy of Theology

September 30, 2011 — Leave a comment

Dear friend of Tartu Academy of Theology,

October 1st (this Saturday) are students, alumnus, lecturers, workers and friends of Tartu Academy of Theology organizing 24 hour prayer chain. We are calling you to join with us in prayer even for some moment on this day. So we can create powerful prayer bridge between different countries and continents.

The prayer list:
1. Praise the Lord He has carried TAT through difficulties already over 19 years and He has blessed us as we have 85 alumnus who are having good impact in our small society (1,4 million inhabitants).
2. Pray for good result from the accreditation process held during October 2011.
2. Pray for our financial needs we could have enough resources for stable financing today and for development in the future.
3. Pray for our workers they would be encouraged and blessed by God to the work at the TAT.
4. Pray for our students they would study in faith and with open heart to be good workers for God’s kingdom.
6. Pray for enrollment of new students into TAT.
7. Pray for Estonia and for people here.
In Jesus name,

Siimon Haamer
Vice President for Academic Affairs


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