My New Styled Lenten Series

March 9, 2011 — Leave a comment

In 2008 was formed by Brant Debow, Joseph Farrell (here after refered to as “the boys”) and myself.  We created the iPhone App Advent08 and at the time had wanted to create another Lenten App at some point.

I wrote the devotions, Brant coded astounding miracles and Joe, well let’s say that he’s one of the most talented project/oppertational managers I’ve ever known.

Long story short, while Advent08 was warmly received and our feedback with the iTunes App store is still stellar, it was not the most profitable venture.  So we held off.  I blogged Advent 09 on Didn’t for 2010. But for all practical purposes, ihabitus has been a dormant topic for a while.

The boys have formed the coolest iOS company called Bite.  I do highly recomend them if any of you are seeking any help in that arena.

Perhaps we will one day put out another ihabitus project, but for now, I’m going to do it this way.

That’s right, now more pondering about it.  For heaven’s sake, I have my own (personal) site now, so why not?

I am following the same kind of logic I used for the Advent series.  I’ll show my work in some other post (ie, explain how I came up with the series like it did for Advent08).

For now, enjoy.  I wish I had started it on Transfiguration.  I will post weekly through Lent on Wednesdays and then hit the highlights of Holy Week and concluding with Easter.


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