March 2, 2011 — Leave a comment

I have thought about this event for a long time.  Been wanting it.  Thinking about it.  Never got around to doing it.  Then I did, for now I am…writing my first post.

If life is not like this, I at least am.  Need the image to be just right in my head before I’ll commit; which is just a fancy dodge for my natural inertia to keep everything safely locked up in my cerebrum.  My happy place, mulling things over.  Never outgrew day dreaming, it just took on a new form.

Of course my happiest state is babbling my quandaries on my feet in real time, in front of a group, on the phone, in a post(?we’ll see, for I am sitting on my bum and if there is a “you” in any sense, we certainly aren’t live).

Then I listen to how it all comes out.

If I’m too abstract, then I only have a half baked notion of a communicable idea.  If I have focus and application, then my baked goods are ready for mass consumption.  That is, they are what I serve up while I search for the next dish to compliment the last.  The cycle begins again.

Unfortunately, I don’t always clear off the table.  Oh, and I bake most often by my gut and not out of a book. Sorry about that, another natural tendency.

I suppose I have some goods ready to be served up, been baking a long time now.  I also have some new recipes in the works, might need to let them rise here a bit.  This space is as good as any.

To be sure there will be the daily bread, which for me is theology.  After all, I’m a theologian of sorts, got a degree to prove it.  But straight theology, that would be like eating the same loaf day after day.

Not so much fun that.

No I’m too much a lover of variety, and far to addicted to image, semiotics and sci-fi for that.  The oven wouldn’t be nearly as well beloved if it didn’t produce a few sweets now and again.  Technology, science, iOS. Who knows, I’m interested in all of those things and others.  Its how the ingredients come together that is fascinating.

That said, I still do bake according to my own style, so perhaps I only serve varying nuances made from the same starter.

Glad to get this all off my chest.  Clears the head in a way.

Well that’s it really.  A pretty accurate picture into the inner workings of my gray matter and kitchen culture.  A fairly good description of my teaching, preaching and collaborative style.  The way in witch many dinners for the fam come into existence on any given night.

And just now, I do believe, that this will work just as if I were on my feet listening to it all in real time for I sense that I am beginning to ramble on a bit too long about nothing of further significance.

I’m sure the anecdote shared with me by some will be true and that I will look back on this post and blush? shake my head? confess that first posts are what they are?  Time will tell.

Glad to get this all off my chest.  Clears the head in a way.

And hey, I can right now this second say, I’ve finished my first post.

(And again, for I’ve just finished editing it.)

[And again…]


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